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Our tours are designed to serve international  students who plan on attending a university in the United States. We understand the challenges facing the students and parents related choosing an American university. We can help you with all aspects of the process and provide you with the tools to make one of the most important decisions of the students’ life. 


There is no substitute for immersion, be it in learning something new, in business or a relationship. The college experience is no different and that is why it is highly recommended that students stay on campus during the first two years of college. Choosing the right university for the individual student is difficult. There is no one size fits all, you must touch, feel and experience the place. A university campus visit is one of the most important factors in choosing the right school. We at GLA believe that a campus visit helps the student and parents to make the best possible choice during the university selection process.


Our tours focus on the area we know the best California. California has some of the world’s best schools and the state provides one of the most open and diversified populations, both on and off campus. The weather’s not bad either. Our company serves international school students who plan to attend university in the US. Universities here are interested in international students to foster diversity and welcome international students with open arms.


But, success here is not guaranteed and takes a lot of hard work. The student and parents must have a clear understanding of the expectations and cultural differences between the home country and the American university system. We are here to help you succeed and the tour is one of the important steps in that process.


Our Services Include:


  • Pre-Scheduled Campus Tours in California

  • Custom Tours for Schools

  • Custom Tours for Families

  • On-site training of regarding the college admission process

  • Cultural awareness and university expectations training

  • Individual analysis and Customized Action Plans’

  • Custom Tours of locations outside of California

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